Organic Snack Manufacturer

We are specialised in production and private label packaging of organic, gluten-free, extruded snack products


I Love Bio Ltd. is a Hungary-based company specialised in the production of organic, gluten-free, extruded snack products.  We offer a wide range of extruded products made mainly from millet.

We manufacture our own line of branded snacks and we specialise in private label packaging providing a wide range of contract manufacturing.


We are committed to offer a Better-For-You, healthier alternative to traditional snacks while maintaining the great tastes expected by the consumers.

Our snacks may be natural, savoury or sweet - being enjoyed by people of all ages.

The delighting taste of the extruded balls is given by the superior organic ingredients and condiments used for flavouring - like roasted peanuts, Belgian chocolate, Hungarian paprika, onion powder, etc.




Your Brand:  Private Label Manufacturing

We are dedicated to servicing the Private Label market, Private Label packaging being the most important way of marketing our snacks both in Hungary and abroad. 

We assist our clients through the whole process of launching the products on their market.

We offer help right from the beginning, advising you about creation of packaging, choosing of flavour, delivery to your warehouse.

Our common success is based on a State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility, Quality Management, R&D and more than 10 years experience in extruded snack manufacturing.


The Brand: „Biopont”

„Biopont” is our best known brand in Hungary. With an attractive design and text written in both English and German, it is the perfect choice for wholesalers that are not promoting their own brands. Etiquette containing information according to the country of distribution might be applied on the back side of the packaging. 



The bulk packaging is the ideal choice for HoReCa, ’unpackaged’ retailers and those who prefer to package the millet balls themselves.


Grains we use

Most of our products are made from millet. Millet is one of the earliest cultivated crops and is considered the grain with the highest mineral content. It is a gluten free type of corn and therefore recommended for gluten free diet.

Other grains - like wheat,wheat germ, rice - might be extruded too.



Our snacks may be natural, savoury or sweet.


Our standard product portfolio is including:

Natural: recommended first of all to toddlers but a great choice to put them into your favourite soup,too.

Savoury: slightly salted, peanut, onion-cheese, barbecue, Hungarian.

Sweet: cinnamon, cocoa or coated with chocolate.

Chocolate coated millet balls are covered with milk, dark or white chocolate and with or without coconut.


Custom developed flavours are also possible.