We at ?I love Bio? love organic.

Why should we renounce to that when grabbing a snack?

Snacking is a growing world trend so offering to the market an organic,
great tasting, healthier snack
 is more than welcomed.

We are offering you

  • our own-developed extruded snack products like: millet balls, rice balls

  • our more than 10 years of experience

  • organic ingredients

  • a gluten-free snack – ideal for people suffering from celiac disorder

  • a snack that might be grabbed by vegetarians and most of them by vegans, too 

  • a delicious, gourmet snack food to satisfy different taste preferences

  • packaging that best suits your business: private label, our own brand or bulk

Why consumers love millet balls?

When looking at how we eat differently now versus a decade ago, one major trend sticks out: we?re snacking more. That doesn't mean consumers are ignoring their health. Rather, they're looking for foods that offer a compromise between health and indulgence. 

No matter how healthy a snack food is, if it doesn't taste good, it won't sell. So the overwhelming motivation behind choosing snack foods remains taste, a consideration that is pervasive among all age groups. 

Thus Health and Indulgence are key drivers in the growing snack market. 

Why your consumers would choose millet balls?

The No. 1 reason our snacks are choosen from the very beginning is health conciousness.
Consumers care more and more about what they eat and they preffer to choose 
an organic food product, free from artificial flavours and GMO free.

The No. 2 reason consumers choose to buy our snack food again and again is the great, natural
taste offered by the ingredients and condiments used for seasoning.


Are you an organic food distributor or are you

representing a hyper- or supermarket chain looking

to introduce new organic snack products?

Than our snacks are worth tasting them!


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